Anal fissures


Service description

Cases when operation is performed?

Doctor performs instrumental examination of patient with single use proctoscope. In afternoon operation is performed after which patient is advised to stay in daily clinic until anesthetic effect ceases. Operation is performed when conservative therapy of this condition turns to be non-effective During operation borders of fissure are cut out using laserknive of electrical scalpel. Modification of anal sphincter muscle is also performed to reduce the degree of distention.  

Diagnostic needed

Diagnostic needed before operation:

  • Conclusion of a proctologist for need of operation

  • Blood tests prior the operation (not older than 2 weeks)

  • Full blood analysis

  • Glucose level in blood

  • Urea, bilirubin, ASAT, ALAT

  • Coagulogramm

  • Group of blood + Rh factor

  • Markers for hepatitis B, C

  • Urine analysis

  • ECG

  • X-ray of thorax (valid for 1 year)  

Patient’s suitability for procedure

Suitability for operation for every patient is determined with help of blood analyses. In case of severe liver, kidney, lung, heart illnesses or inherited conditions risk of operation is increased!  

Technologies applied

Laserknive of electrical scalpel  


Realization time

One day – in the morning consultation with doctor and diagnostic, in afternoon – operation.  


5-12 days depending on bulk of operation  



 Price, EUR

Consultation of proctologist






 Short-term intravenous anesthesia


 Temporary daily clinic


Visit in next day with change of bandage




  • Premium for operation performed in day of consultation – 25% of service price

Other important comment

  • Diet 5-7 days, limiting physical activities for period of 14 days, additional medicament therapy needed in postoperative period.

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