Face surgery
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Service description

Facial plastic surgery is performed in cases where there are signs of ageing – wrinkles, bags and black eye rims, excessive skin creases which make the face look tired and sad or in cases when a person is not satisfied with his appearance (rhinoplasty – a nose or ears) the shape or size, which can be congenital or result from an injury.

The service includes the following stages:

  • on the first morning plastic surgeon’s consultation. In case if the patient is having rhinoplasty, a doctor modelles the nose shape on computer. Analyses are made right after the consultation;

  • on the afternoon the operation is performed, follow-up visit in the afternoon (the patient stays in the day-and-night clinic after the operation);

  • For rhynoplasty in 7 days follow-up consultation and plaster splint removal (in site only); for eyelid operation in 5 days follow-up consultation and stitches removal (in site only).

  • in 4 weeks repeated follow-up visit. If the client is unable to attend, the consultation can be given electronically. 

Required diagnostics

  • Fill in the form.

  • Send photos of the area to be operated on.

  • your physician’s conclusion (in case of chronic diseases).

Patient’s eligibility for procedure

The operation can be performed on persons over the age of 18, however, it is recommended best after the age of 35. The operation risk is higher in case of severe liver, kidney, lung and heart diseases or congenital diseases!  


Face and Neck Lift – a face and neck lift removes the excess skin of the cheeks, jowls and neck and restores smoother, more pleasing contours to your face and neck.

Generally an incision is hidden in the natural contour of your ear, then extends around the earlobe and back in to the hairline. Face and neck lifting is performed in the clinic with a very short stay, usually one day, not more than two. The anesthesia for this surgery is most commonly a general anesthesia, which allows you to sleep during the procedure. When the surgery is completed you will be taken into a recovery room where you will continue to be closely monitored. After the surgery you will notice puffiness, swelling, bruising in some portions of your face, which will disappear within two weeks.Staff of the clinic will take care of you until the healing process is complete. The results of your face lift will last for 7-10 years.


Eyelid surgery – for upper eyelid surgery an incision generally is hidden within the natural fold of the upper eyelid, for lower eyelid surgery an incision is hidden just below the lower lashes. Frequently local anesthesia is used for patients undergoing eyelid surgery. You probably will be permitted to go home in a few hours after the surgery.During the first days following the surgery patients will see swelling and bruising. These symptoms disappear within seven to ten days.


Nose Reshaping – cosmetic surgery can reshape your nose, make it smaller and more refined, or larger and more noticeable. The goal is a nose that looks natural and achieves a harmonious balance with your other facial features. Almost all the incisions used for your rhinoplasty will be carefully hidden inside your nose. We recommend that patients wait until they are at least 14 or 15 before undergoing rhinoplasty. This is because the nose may not be fully developed at a younger age. Your rhinoplasty will be performed in the clinic under general anesthesia; you will be permitted to stay here overnight. When surgery is completed you will be taken into a recovery room where you will continue to be closely monitored. Bruising and swelling is most apparent during the first days after surgery. A splint may have been placed on the bridge of your nose for the purpose of holding the tissues in place until they have stabilized. You may need to continue wearing the nasal splint for up to a week.

Personnel involved

Recovery process

Stitches are removed after 4-7 days and bruises persist for 7-10 days. During the 4 weeks after the operation you must not go to the sauna, swimming pool and gym and you should avoid sunbathing.  


First consultation: 43 EUR

Second consultation: 15 EUR






Face and neck lift


Forehead/brow lift


Silhouette Lift


Blepharoplasty upper and lower


Chin correction with implants


Neck lift





Costs include:


  • medications, equipment, facilities, anesthesia
  • surgeons fees; – taxes;
  • overnight stay;
  • postoperative care in the clinic;
  • checkup 1 month after the surgery;
  • Overnight stay after first night 155 EUR
  • If there are prepared 2 or more surgical procedures together you will get 10% discount to the second procedure