Infertility diagnosis and treatment in Latvia


Why Latvia? Service description

iVF in Latvia, лечение бесплодия в ЕвропеiVF Riga is a clinic for IVF and reproductive genetics. Headed by the famous gynecologist and reproduction specialist Dr. Violeta Fodina, it offers all kinds of infertility treatment, both standard and unique ones. The highly skilled and experienced professionals of iVF Riga clinic have helped more than 1,000 babies to be born in a number of countries around the world. The priorities of the clinic include a personal approach to patients, the use of advanced technology, following the latest trends in reproductive medicine and a holistic approach to treatment. The clinic keeps in step with the times, constantly introducing modern methods of examination and treatment. The employees of iVF Riga continually improve their professional skills by attending international conferences and workshops. iVF Riga clinic has the largest bank of genetic material and a unique reprogenetics laboratory, which is the only one of its kind in the Baltic countries.


Applied technologies

  • IUI: intrauterine insemination, which is used in cases of minor sperm abnormalities.
  • IVF: fertilization of an egg in the laboratory setting.
  • ICSI: sperm injection into an egg, which is used in severe cases of male infertility.
  • Donation programmes (egg donation, sperm donation and embryo adoption): not every patient who comes to iVF Riga clinic can get pregnant with their own reproductive cells. iVF Riga clinic offers egg donation, sperm donation and embryo adoption programmes. The bank of genetic material of the clinic has an extensive database of donors, which allows recipients to choose a suitable donor with no waiting period. All donors undergo a thorough health check for both physical and psychological factors. The genetic material obtained from a donor in iVF Riga clinic is not shared with other recipients.


Dr. Violeta Fodina

Medical Director

Gynaecologist and reproduction specialist, obstetric specialist. Continuously improving her qualifications in the leading European Reproduction Centers and at the International Conferences. Specializes in infertility treatment, in gynecological endocrinology.

“There is a way out of any situations, we will use our experience, knowledge and latest technologies to achieve positive results together.”






Dr. Irina Kovalova

Reproduction Specialist, Gynaecologist, ObstetriciaDevelop

Develops additional practical skills by taking professional ESHRE courses, on a regular basis complete her knowledge in training courses, seminars and conferences. 




Process and realization time

 All process takes 1-3 visits and could be done in 3-4 days.

1 visit:

  •  Reproduction specialist consultation
  •  Gynecological examination
  •  Ultrasound
  •  Blood tests
  •  Hysteroscopy

2 visit:

  •  Eggs’ puncture

3 visit:

  •  Embryotransfer





Consultation with gynecologist/reproduction specialist


IVF treatment with ICSI fertilization
(included anesthesia for patients, egg collection, sperm preparing, fertilization with partner’s sperm, embryo cultivation till day 3, embryo transfer on day3)


Please, take into consideration that every single case is unique and price could be different.  Prices for all treatments and procedures you can find here. Final price could be announced after the first consultation with doctor.

Price list

Skype consultation with doctor


Additional services/trip organization (description see below)



Staying in Latvia. Additional services

Baltic Health Tourism provides additional service for our clients to make your stay in Riga comfortable and easy.

Your trip organization:

  • Hotel reservation
  • Visa support
  • Meeting at airport
  • Transfer from airport to hotel
  • Transfers hotel-clinic-hotel
  • Escorting to the clinic (if necessary) or meeting at the clinic.

Your free time organization:

  • Excursions (walking around Riga with a guide/museums)
  • Tickets/information about cultural events (theatre, Opera house, festivals, etc.)
  • Information/guide for shopping and restaurants
  • Information and organization short trips to Scandinavia and around Baltic States


  • If necessary arranging a telephone conversation with the doctor prior the medical procedure or after it
  • Arrangement of the medical procedure at the clinic in accordance with the client’s time table
  • 24 hours informational support during staying in Riga.


Other important notes

  • If a doctor orders additional laboratory and/or diagnostic examinations not included in the health check program during a repeated consultation, a client can make them for an extra fee, according to the price list of iVF Riga.
  • If you need more detailed information, please contact us by email and we will contact you back within 24 hours.