PREMIUM health check-up for women


Service description

health check-up programms, check-up in Latvia, health diagnostics, medicin in LatviaPremium health check-up program is suitable for women over 50 years of age and take place in new modern clinic in Riga – Capital Clinic Riga. This service takes 3 days. Capital Clinic Riga is well know as a high standard medical establishment, with new equipment and friendly atmosphere, where a patient would feel comfortable. Capital Clinic Riga specializes on health check-up and different diagnostics, where time and comfort of patients are in priority. All specialists and personnel speak Russian and English languages. After health check-up patient will get a doctor’s instructions and recommendations. In case of any problems, extra laboratory examinations can be done and a therapy plan created.

Service includes:



Price, Eur

General practitioner’s /physician’s initial consultation. As a questionnaire is sent to the patient prior the appointment, during the consultation the filled in questionnaire is evaluated, the case history is completed, vital, physical and anthropometric measurements are made (visual inspection of the skin, mucous, heart and lung auscultation, BMI evaluation, heart rate and blood pressure check)



Laboratory tests: full blood test, full urine and feces tests, Tumor markers


MRI full body scan Siemens Magnetom Spectra (3T)


Electrocardiogram with 12 leads reading, description (ECG)


 Echocardiogram (4D examination, which allows more qualitative heart structure and function  screening in real time to obtain information on valvular damage, malformations, etc.)


Thoracic X-ray in 2 views


 Cardiopulmonary stress test without lactate determination


External respiratory function examination


Abdominal ultrasound scan (excluding pelvic organs)


 Doppler ultrasound scan for abdominal aorta and all its branches (including lower extremities)


 Thyroid ultrasound scan


Digital mammography (for both breasts, 2 projections for each) with Hologic Selenia Diamensions device


 Breast ultrasound scan


 Gynecologist visit (consultation, women’s pelvic 2D ultrasonography during the visit, PAP smear


Ophthalmologist consultation (includes examinations for both eyes with autorefractor keratometer, tonometry, pachymetry, visual acuity determination with/without correction, biomicroscopy, color vision assessment and gonioscopy if necessary).


Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT) consultation (includes eardrum microscopy, tympanometry, reflexometry and otoacoustic emission)


Audiogram (using a special sound-proof cabin)


Neurologist consultation


Brachiocephalic vascular Doppler scan (Duplex scanning with color coded Doppler and spectral analysis)


Osteodensitometry specialist consultation and osteodensitometry examination


Angiosurgeon or Phlebologist consultation and Duplex Doppler ultrasound scan with spectral analysis for both leg veins


Final Internist/General Practitioner Consultation (laboratory and diagnostic test result collection and evaluation. If possible – making of diagnosis. Recommendations. In case of pathological findings – referral to additional laboratory and diagnostic tests. Treatment plan establishment)





Technologies applied


MRI full body scan, MRI in LatviaMRI Siemens Magnetom Spectra (3 T) is based on the most recent achievements and technologies in the field of magnetic resonance imaging. Closed-type MRI equipment with the magnetic field strength of 3 T (teslas) allows promptly performing a high-quality examination without losing the image resolution, which is especially important in case of severe injuries and diseases when it is hard for a patient to stay motionless for a long time. Non-hazardous magnetic field and radio waves are used to obtain MR imaging, therefore the examination-related risk is almost non-existent.



mammography in Latvia, mammography, breast cancer check-upHologic Selenia Dimensions, digital mammographyunit with tomosynthesis that is the only equipment of the kind in the Baltic States. It provides the possibility to examine breasts within the framework of standard mammography not only faster and more comfortably, but also deeper. Two exams are made during one – digital mammographyand profound screening ensured by tomosynthesis. This examination method is much more accurate, allows earlier detection of changes and possible pathology, because professionals have the ability to scroll through the layers of the breast, visualize individual breast structures at each level and to visualize a mobile image from 3 sides.

ECG – a widely used heart examination method for diagnosing myocardial infarction, inflammation of heart structures, disturbances in nerve impulse flow and action of heart in general.

Ultrasonography – an ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique used to visualize internal organs. This examination is harmless and can be performed in patients in all age ranges.

Functional status of external breathing – spirometry. This screening method is designed to evaluate lung capacity, air flow velocity in upper airways. This method is used to precise chronic lung conditions.

Sonoelastography – This is a Non-invasive examination method of the mammary glands which is based on tissue ultrasonography. Its advantage in comparison with sonography is elevated sensitivity.

Osteodensitometry– This is a precise diagnostic tool for assessing the density of spine vertebra in the lumbar region and in pelvic bones as well.  This examination method is widely used for diagnosing osteoporosis and also for evaluating results of osteoporosis therapy.  


Other important comment

  • Before giving a blood sample the patient must not eat on the morning and just take a just light supper the previous evening (Please no alcohol at all the day before the assessment).

  •  The patient must be prepared to give both urine and feces specimens before the initial consultation.

  • If doctor orders additional laboratory and/or diagnostic examinations, that are not included in the health check program during a repeated consultation, client can make them for an extra fee, according to the price list of SIA Health Centre 4.