Vein laser surgery



Service description

This is the most popular treatment method of chronic venous insufficiency in Latvia. It has been applied in Health Centre 4 for 7 years, and physicians have gathered a very wide experience in this field. Depending on the extent of surgery the patient only stays in day patient facility from 1 to 3 hours, and then he will be able to walk on his own. This method involves closure of sick vein portions instead of their removal through skin incisions, as it is done in classic vein surgery. Laser surgery is only performed under local anaesthesia, and not under general or spinal anaesthesia.

Service includes:

  • Consultation with doctor phlebologist

  • Duplex ultrasonography

  • Operation

  • Operation on one leg posterior small vein

  • Extirpation of collaterals

  • Local anesthesia

  • Day 2 control visit and compression sock.

  • Overnight stay in clinic (breakfast and supper included)

Diagnostic needed

Diagnostic needed before operation:

  • Conclusion of a phlebologist for need of operation

  • Results of Duplexsonography

  • Images of leg/legs wanting to be operated

  • Blood tests prior the operation (not older than 2 weeks)

  • Full blood analysis

  • Glucose level in blood

  • Urea, bilirubin, ASAT, ALAT

  • Coagulogramm

  • Group of blood + Rh factor

  • Markers for hepatitis B, C

  • Urine analysis

  • ECG

  • X-ray of thorax (valid for 1 year)  

Patient’s suitability for procedure

Suitability for operation for every patient is determined with help of blood analyses. In case of severe liver, kidney, lung, heart illnesses or inherited conditions risk of operation is increased!  


Realization time

Two days

  • First day – in the morning consultation with phlebology specialist and in the afternoon operation.

  • Second day – inspection and change of bandages

Postoperative accommodation is provided in clinic’s day hospital in single postoperative room with all facilities. In room there is available to use TV, DVD and Wi-Fi. Patient is cured and supervised by high class medical stuff with newest equipment. You can’t feel atmosphere of hospital in this day care center.  

Recovery process

The main advantage is moderate tissue injury rate which is achieved due to small punctures of the skin, application of local anaesthesia; the patient only stays in the day patient facility for 1-2 hours, and on the following day he can resume his productive social life. Relapse rate after such surgeries is the lowest, and the cosmetic result is excellent.  




Price (1 leg), EUR

Price (2 legs), EUR

Phlebologist’s consultation + duplex ultrasonography 










Additional expenses

  • Premium for operation performed in day of consultation – 25% of service price

  • Additional payment for endovasal additional branch closure – 81 EUR

  •  Additional payment in case of complicated varicose veins – 80 – 220 EUR

  • Compression sock- 70 EUR

  • Inspection visit and bandage change next day – 18 EUR

  • Day hospital – 121 EUR

Other important comment

  • If patient’s leg size is not in frames of standard sizes used, compression sock must be ordered two weeks in advance prior to operation.

  • If you are interested in more information on this type of treatment, or you cannot find the information you need on our website, please contact us at  and we will come back to you within 24 hours.


Before and after



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