Full body MRI screening
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Service description

Siemens MAGNETOM Spectra is the only diagnostic equipment of this kind in Latvia. It is based on the most recent achievements and technologies in the field of magnetic resonance imaging. Closed-type MRI equipment with the magnetic field strength of 3 T (teslas) allows promptly performing a high-quality examination without losing the image resolution, which is especially important in case of severe injuries and diseases when it is hard for a patient to stay motionless for a long time. Non-hazardous magnetic field and radio waves are used to obtain MR imaging, therefore the examination-related risk is almost non-existent.

Full body examination will be useful for people taking preventive care of their health, as a screening method, in order to find pathology on an early stage or to assess an existing pathology better. Moreover, the possibility of this examination will be an additional advantage for cancer patients, as early metastases cannot be found without full body scan. Formerly such whole anatomic imaging of the entire body (from head to toes) could only be obtained during one examination using CT** examination technique which is hazardous for human organism in comparison with MRI, as it uses X-radiation. In case of pathology paramagnetic contrast agent is also used to specify the diagnosis. MRI is irreplaceable for diagnostics of lesions of central nervous system, brain and spinal cord, diagnostics of musculoskeletal system and soft tissues, and for intrauterine fetal examinations. The equipment allows visualising articular ligaments, cartilaginous tissue, and menisci, and obtaining extremely detailed and precise information which cannot be obtained using other methods. This is a very sensitive and precise method used for diagnostics of various body parts and organs, especially in early stages.


MRT_scanning Latvia




Technologies applied

Siemens MAGNETOM Spectra equipment is unique as it enables to perform simultaneous scanning of the entire body and their magnetic field strength was below 1.5 T. MRI equipment allows obtaining three-dimensional images of various organs and body parts of the highest resolution for visual diagnostics.





Procedure duration

Price, EUR

MRI (full body scan) of the entire body with conclusions of three radiologists-diagnosticians specialising in different fields)

30-35 min


MRI angiography with additional diffusion examination of the chest and abdomen excluding the cost of contrast agent (is not used together with pp. MRSMA.1-8.)

40-45 min


Other important comment


  • There are only a few restrictions, e.g., in patients with cardiac pacemaker, internal ear transplants, aneurysm clips and metal foreign bodies, joint implants made of metal or magnetic material, cochlear implants. Although no adverse effects of magnetic resonance imaging have been found, it is not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy.

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