How to get in Riga

How to get in Riga by carBy car: Latvia has a widely branched network of roads, however, high-speed motorways and roads may differ in quality. The Via Baltica road is smooth, but as for the rest of the roads, the quality may vary, so you may encounter unpleasant surprises. You can drive to Latvia from Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, or by the ferry from Nynäshamn and Stockholm, Sweden or Travemünde, Germany. Crossing the border of Latvia from one of our neighboring countries – Estonia, Lithuania – is particularly easy, because these countries are Schengen Member States. Please note when entering or going from Latvia to Russia or Belarus by car, you will have to pass customs controls and the crossing of the border may take some time, depending on the customs staff availability. (Russia capital city Moscow is located 929 km away from Riga, while St. Petersburg – 577 km, Belarus capital, Minsk – 480 km)



how to get in Riga by trainBy train: Train connections to Riga are available from Moscow (twice daily), St.  Petersburg (daily), and Pskov (daily), operated by the Latvian State Railway Company Latvijas Dzelzceļš. The recently renovated Riga Central Railway Station is located at Stacijas Square, directly east of the Old Town border. Information about trip and ticket prices you can get in internet- HERE.






how to getto rigaBy bus: Bus connections to Riga are available from Berlin, Hamburg, Warsaw, Prague,  Pskov, Kiev, Grodno, Vilnius, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Minsk, and many other international cities. Most international bus services are operated by Eurolines (, Ecolines (, and Nordeka ( Riga Bus Terminal ( is located at Prāgas iela 1 east of the Old Town border and west of Riga Central Market.





how to get to riga by ferryBy ferry: Every day a passenger ferry drives from Stockholm to Riga. The trip lasts approximately 15 hours. Riga Passenger Port is located in ~ 15 minutes walking distance from the center of Riga, but a trip with taxi will last ~ 5 minutes. Approximate fee for the taxi – LVL 5.00. More information about ferry traffic between Stockholm and Riga can be found - HERE.