Rehabilitation after injuries and stretching, postoperative rehabilitation, exercises with physiotherapist (also with bones and joints deformation). ORTO clinic is a certified outpatient and inpatient orthopedic clinic in Latvia, which has been operating since 2008 ORTO clinic is the best and most respectable orthopedic clinics in Latvia where patients can get the best treatment and postoperative rehabilitation with highly-skilled doctors. The clinic has newest and modern equipment, and this is the only one clinic in Latvia, which provides full specter of services in locomotor system’s treatment, from diagnostics and consultations and till surgery and rehabilitation. The clinic employs over 50 highly skilled medical professionals, whose main job is to ensure that you receive the highest level of health care and maximum comfort. Most of the doctors got their experience not only in Latvia, but also in USA and European clinics. Some of specialists in the clinic are medical consultant of Latvian Olympics Team.


лечение позвоночника в Латвии


There are a few advantages in treatment in Latvia: high-quality medical services and the same time prices are lower than in many European countries, and no language barrier, what makes easier a communication between a doctor and a patient.




  • Therapeutic exercises;
  • Kinesio taping;
  • Physical therapy;
  • Classical massage;
  • Transcutaneous electroneirostimulation;
  • Ultrasound Therapy;
  • Magnetic field therapy.





  • Orthopaedic Surgeon’s consultation 45,00 Eur
  • Spine surgeon/ Vertebrologist’s visit  50,00-70,00 Eur
  • Rheumatologist’s consultation           45,00 Eur
  • Therapist’s consultation                       45,00 Eur
  • Certified physiatrist’s consultation     25,00 Eur
  • Physiatrist’s consultation                     15,00-25,00 Eur


  • First remedial gymnastic session (individual) 1h         23,00 Eur
  • Remedial gymnastic session (individual) 1h                 17,00 Eur
  • Remedial gymnastic session (individual) 30 min         10,00 Eur
  • Remedial gymnastic session (in group) 1,5h                  17,00 Eur
  • Kinesio taping beginning with                                          7,00 Eur
  • Knee exercises machine                                              6,00 Eur
  • Shoulder exercises machine                                           10,00 Eur
  • FRT 1 h                                                                                  28,00 Eur
  • Massage for back 30 min                                                   17,00 Eur
  • Massage for neck/waist 20-25 min                                  13,00 Eur
  • Classic massage 1 h                                                          45,00 Eur
  • Massage for thigh / shank 10-15 min                              8,00 Eur
  • Massage for one leg 25-30 min                                        17,00 Eur
  • Massage for both legs 45-55 min                                     28,00 Eur
  • Massage for forearm / upper arm 10 min                     6,00 Eur
  • Massage for one arm 15-20 min                                      11,00 Eur
  • Massage for both arms 25-30 min                                  17,00 Eur
  • Physical therapy procedures (magnetic field therapy, ultrasound, phonophoresis, TENS)                                                                                    7,00 Eur


*The final price of the treatment could be named only after consultation with doctor and visual inspection. You could send us a medical and/or x-ray and we would organize a online consultation with a doctor for you.

We would like to get your attention, that all prices we provide at our website are not different to the clinic’s prices list.



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