NEW IN LATVIA! Stem cell therapy using stem cells from the patient’s own adipose tissues

Cilmes &scaron_ūnu terapija 2

Mesenchymal stem cells (cells derived from the patient’s own tissues) therapy has been successfully applied in the world for a long time.  Inga Zemīte, Capital Clinic Riga trichologist, learned the new method abroad and started applying it in Latvia.    Great


The latest 3D liposuction method at the Clinic of Dermatology

liposaction 3D

    The Clinic of Dermatology has implemented new body and facial correction method, developed by the Belgian company EUROMI, with the latest 3D liposuction technology EVA sp® 6, which emits infrasound into the adipose tissue. This system allows for


New in the Baltic States – genetic testing!

Genetiskie testi 2

    The Clinic of Dermatology of the Health Centre 4 (HC4) is the first medical institution in the Baltic States performing special genetic testing in order to examine gene mutations in DNA, evaluate disease risk factors, and take preventive


(Russian) ЭКО в Латвии. Подарите себе счастье!

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(Russian) МРТ всего организма в Риге


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