Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the quality of the services provided by BHT?

BHT works with Latvian leading private medical centres which have long-term experience in treatment of Latvian and foreign patients. All doctors are certified and use modern global technical solutions in their work. The quality of work, service efficiency and information flow rate of HC4 are provided based on Health Centre 4 IT solutions: 1) Electronic Patients’ Data Base (PMO) and electronic cards in cooperation with Norwegian company “Prof.doc”, 2) Electronic Payments Administration System “Blue Bridge”, 3) Radiology Information System (RIS), 4) Laboratory Information System (LIS), 5) Centralised Data Archiving System (PACS) and 6) Functional Diagnostics Data Base.

2. How will I be able to communicate with doctors?

All our doctors speak Latvian, English and Russian fluently. You can find out the information about the personnel in the description of each service. Additionally, BHT employees ensure the communication with the personnel involved in treatment and provision of other services.

3. What information do I have to provide before going to Latvia?

You can check the exact list for each service with necessary information to be submitted prior to medical service. If you are interested in a service which is not included in our standard offer, or if your case is complicated, please contact us, and we will advise the necessary diagnostic documents.

4. Does BHT offer only the service packages indicated in the web-site?

No, you can also get a special service especially for you, based on your inquary.

5. Will I be able to contact the doctor before I go to Latvia?

Yes, definitely. All services are provided by special personnel you will be able to contact before your trip, in order to discuss the procedure of preparation for treatment and the run of the medical services.

6. How long will the trip and medical services take?

You can check the detailed schedule of medical services. Riga Airport offers a wide range of direct flights; therefore you can come to Riga either in the evening before the day of the procedure or in the morning prior to the procedure. 

7. Do I have to book a hotel myself?

You can book a hotel on your own or you can book a hotel throught the section “Accommodation” in our webpage without extra charge.

8. Will I be able to consult doctors after the medical service?

Definitely. All services contain a description of services provided by doctors after the medical service. Pursuant to the agreement and according to the most convenient way for the patient, consultations can also be given electronically and over the telephone, after the patient’s departure.

9. Can someone accompany me?

Yes, certainly. You can bring a companion who will be able to support you and accompany you to medical centres.

10. How should I plan my trip?

When you order a medical service, you will be offered different dates when the service can be provided. You will also receive the information about the timetable and prices of direct flights.

11. Why is it profitable to use BHT?

BHT offers services of advanced private medical centres, including the services of BHT part owner – the largest private medical clinic Health Centre 4 which provides a part of the offered services. The prices offered to clients are the same as the prices in a medical centre; however, BHT ensures communication with doctors, mutual approval of necessary documents, provision of additional information, and helps to book hotels and plan the trip at no additional cost.

12. Can I trust medical personnel?

All doctors have extensive experience of work both in Latvia and abroad. They use cutting-edge technologies and the quality of their work is closely monitored. Each health care provider passes accreditation in accordance with the applicable EU laws. You can find more information about doctors’ experience and education in the description of each service.

13. Do I have to consult my general practitioner before I come here for medical services?

It depends on the type of medical service. The client only has to fill in a questionnaire for some services; in case of more complicated procedures we require analyses, diagnostic findings which can be issued by a general practitioner or a specialist. Check the specific service to find out about required diagnostics.

14. Can I go sightseeing in my free time?

Certainly, it is up to you. We can organise tourism activities in accordance with your wishes. 

15. How can I pay for the services?

You have to pay for the flight and the hotel in accordance with your own arrangement. As to the medical services, you have to pay 20% as a bail and 80% in medical center before to receiving the service.