Please, give my gratitude to Dr Intars Udris for great job. I am very satisfied with the operations results!

Julia, Ukraine


My doubts and fears related to the planned plastic operation disappeared when I came for an appointment with Dr. Kremņevs to the Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology and Surgery in Skanstes Street. His professionalism, understanding and attention made me believe that everything is going to be all right, that I can fully rely on this doctor and trust him. Thank you! I would like to thank a very empathetic nurse Linda, who did her best to read all my wishes from the look in my eyes during the postoperative period. I also would like to thank cosmetologist Violeta Kalniņa who helped to cope with fits of postoperative depression. If you have health issues or you simply would like to look better than you do now, I can recommend the Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology and Surgery in Skanstes Street, where doctors will help you feel better!




This was my second leg vein operation. The first one was performed in 2000. The legs visually looked good for some time but two years later the veins appeared again. It means that the operation was not successful. For the second operation I went to Dr. Ints Ūdris in the Baltic Vein Clinic. From time to time I felt some light pain and pressure, but it was not really painful. A few days later I will be able to go to work, the only condition is that I must wear compression stockings. After everything I have experienced and I have been through, I would like to thank Dr. Ūdris – for this attitude, empathy and great skills. I would like to wish him good luck and I am sure that all his patients will be satisfied

Ginta Bleidele



I am one of those people who always postpones medical visits. But I was very happy about my visit to the vein speciālist Dr Ints Ūdris. He convinced me to solve my venous problems when they were just starting. And for some reason female legs are the first thing the men rate.

 Actress Vita Varpiņa



For me, as a representative of creative profession, it was interesting to watch myself ‘from the edge” during the operation. During the ”process” rather than sleep I was quite cheerfully discussing life and politics with the doctor and his assistant. I felt like a guest, not a patient. Afterwards three hours in the clinic and in three days I could go to work! Thank you!

Ivars Puga



I was pleasantly surprised that modern technology allows one to get a diagnosis within a few minutes. I had heard from other people of their complex vein operations and long rehabilitation process, so I was worried that I would not be able to have an active lifestyle and work in the theatre for at least half a year. When I found out about laser technology possibilities in vein surgery I was happy and surprised and immediately agreed to the operation. As a result, a week after the surgery I was back with my show and after two weeks I could also restart my sports activities. But I only had to wear the “famous socks” for seven days. The sincere and responsive staff working for Dr Ints Ūdris have given the process a positive, informative, safe, and last but not least – fun and adventurous feeling.

Playwright and screenwriter, Karlis Anitens



During a surgeon’s consultation in the city out-patient’s department in Yevparotia (Crimea) I was diagnosed with II degree varicose veins which required surgical treatment.  Our local surgeons apply a prehistoric method with a scalpel which is a painful manipulation requiring long-term rehabilitation. My relatives living in Riga told me about new modern methods of varicose vein treatment in Riga clinic HC4. I read recommendations online and found out about techniques, equipment and personnel of the clinic.  After doctor Ints Ūdris’s consultation, I gave my consent to the surgery which turned out to be painless, without incisions and sutures, in a warm, friendly atmosphere. High professionalism of dr.Ūdris and his assistants minimized the rehabilitation period and allowed me regain capacity to work on the following day!

Yuri Lobanov



I would like to thank Baltic Vein Clinic! This time God helped me. I worked as director of a canteen in Jugla. I was thin, small, therefore I wore high-heel shoes, I was astir all day, we lacked employees, and therefore I carried huge boiling coppers, sometimes working for 18 hours a day. I completely trust doctor Ints Ūdris and nurse Guna – she was so skilful and quick as a bee. They deserved all possible kind words; I am so happy that I was so lucky.  My legs had been operated twice; last surgery was performed nine years ago. They were already dark, with large veins, it felt as if there were ropes in calves, and ankles were swollen. On 17 May doctor made a surgery on both legs which last more than an hour. I have dressings every week. Doctor and nurse change plasters and bandages very diligently. Write doctor Ūdris’s name in big letters – he is so clever, he knows everything.

Helēna Melnstrazde